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Ryoji Homma

Ryoji Homma, born Kanagawa in 1987. I started graffiti works and live paintings in street culture in 2005.
Traveling to Andalusia in Spain, I honed important skills in Art and Design such as Creativity, Composition, and Perspective. With this experience, I was motivated much more to live as an Artist.
In 2011, I met an artist, Shigeru Yamakawa, who is a master of the Fauvism and I became his apprentice for two years.
After completing my studies under Shigeru Yamakawa, I started presenting my art works at my solo exhibitions and art fairs since 2009. More, I set up my own studio in Zushi, Kanagawa from 2012 to 2018. Further to my experience and skills in Art and Design, I moved to Berlin in 2018.
2011 July
Mitsui Gallery / Yokohama
2011 Dec.
San Bruno / Tokyo
2012 May
Gallery Saikô / Yokohama
2012 Oct.
Gallery 556 / Kouchi
2013 May
Gallery Saikô / Yokohama
2014 Jan.
Aterier Ryoji Homma / Zushi
2014 Apr.
Gallery Saikô / Yokohama
2014 Oct.
Gallery F.ROUTE / Yokosuka
2015 Feb.
Aterlier Ryoji Homma / Zushi
2015 Apr.
Gallery Saikô / Yokohama
2015 June
CAPCA / Tokyo
2016 July
Gallery A / Yokohama
2016 Aug.
2017 July
Gallery A / Yokohama
2017 Aug.
2018 July
Gallery A / Yokohama
2018 Aug.

Working Experiences/ Corpolate Collaborations

2015 Apr.
Crazybump .Ltd / Product Design
Provide designs for mobile phone cases that is planned by collaboration
2016 May
Suntory Japan
Offered my Artworks for exterior decor of venting machines.
2016 June
Provide designs for the Advertising and the Sales Promotion of TOYOTA MIRAI.
2018 Apr.
Hakoniwa. Ltd
Designed Exterior Decor of Camper Vans
2018 Oct.
Zushi City Hall
- Created a large advertising sign for Art Festival 2018 in Japan.
-Designed a large advertising sign for an Art Festival, which is organized by Zushi City Hall.
2019 Feb.
Maison Eureka
Provided a design of my Artwork for Maison eureka



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神奈川県逗子市桜山 6-14-2 メゾンキャンドル201

住所 : 神奈川県逗子市桜山 6-14-2 メゾンキャンドル201(駐車場あり)